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    Need to Change data in PDF form field with importData operation

    BPM Developer Level 1

      This should be simple, right?

      I have a PDF form that is submitted.  At a certain step in the process, I need to modify the value of one field from within the process.  I am using a PDF document in the default formData document variable.  To do this, I am using the exportData operation from the FormDataIntegration service to get XML.  I then use the setValue service to modify one node of the XML.  Finally, I use the importData operation from the FormDataIntegration service to import the modified data back into the PDF.

      Problem is that I am getting an error.  It says: ALC-FDI-001-304: Only XDP data is supported with XFA forms.

      Any advice?  Jasmin, Jayan, Paul, anyone?