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    Filling out a form demo


      What is the best way in Adobe Captivate to demonstrate filling out a form with Narration? I have several pdf forms that are interactive and I want to be able to narrate as I record live action movements. I used the software simulation setting and it ended up looking choppy and confusing. I'm in the process of a trial download of Captivate and I'd like to have this some what figured out before I decide to purchase it. I bought a subscription to Lynda.com to try and understand a little more but it wasn't too much help. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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          Could you describe your workflow? I suspect that you tried to capture in Full Motion Recording (using the third button, video camera icon)? If that is the case, you should know that Captivate works a lot better if you capture in Automatic mode (second button, still camera), then you can choose to do all in Demonstration, or in Training mode (then the user will have to be active). You can do the narration at the same time, but personally I find it much better to do narration later on, after having finished the capturing.


          Please, try to tell us your workflow, perhaps some small hints could help you?



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            Sorry for the late response! You are correct, I tried several different ways including the live motion recording. I believe when I used the Automatic mode, it would just take snap shots of each keyboard or mouse stroke. This made it really confusing and creating a million different slides. I would preferably like to do the narration as the same time. Each form field being filled out needs to be explained thoroughly. I think that if I filled the form out-then went back to add the narration, I may run out of talking time between movements? Does that make sense? I tested another similar program called Comcast, that makes this pretty easy, however, it doesn't have all of the cool bells and whistles and capabilities that Captivate has. I'd really love to learn how to get a better handle on this because I think in the end, it would benefit me much more. Like for instance: in what steps do you suppose this person recorded their tutorial? Did he record it- then later add the narration?




            Thanks so much for your help!

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              Hi there


              Typically those are done by narrating at the same time as you use the software. (I recently created some of these for a different company. A Lynda competitor)


              As you might imagine, it's often like filming a motion picture and you end up with many "takes" to get just the right one.


              Cheers... Rick


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