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    Flash image not showing up?


      Kay, so I uploaded my website & the flash image/logo I created for the website just doesn't show up.

      Instead, in it's place, is a "dot dot dot". Literally a few ..... that flash in as if it's loading & the dots just keep looping.

      It shows up on my computer as dots until I refresh a few times, then the logo works. But on no one else's computer does it work.

      Does it matter that my computer is a Mac & everyone else's a PC? Or maybe the difference is that I created it on my computer so it just works on mine?

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hello there,


          As I understand it, your Catalyst project loads a swf asset. This asset is not displaying properly at runtime. Can you post your swf logo or your .fxp so we can take a peek at it? Does the swf load any external resources, such as an image file?



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            Sylviee223 Level 1

            I'm not sure how to upload a .swf or .fxp files for you to see, the best i can do is show you the website:




            and tell you where the "........" is, should be this logo


            http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v232/snowangel223/Screenshot2010-05-26at125633AM.png?t=1 275595408


            with the "V" starting out big, then small (as if falling then hitting the page, or splatting) & then the writing shows up... very simple.


            **NOTE: When you hover over the "........" where the logo should be, there is a "V" that will show up. This is not apart of the flash logo, this is just an image I put in flash catalyst so that when you hover over the logo, this V shows up bigger so it gives the effect that the V grows... in other words, it makes it known that you can click it to go to the hope page. hope that makes sense.


            and YES the swf DOES load an external image. The big splat V is a photoshoped logo that I uploaded into flash and added the type. Then saved and uploaded the whole thing into flash catalyst.


            Thank you in advance.

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              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

              Since your logo is just an image with an overlay on mouse over, I would make it into a custom component (or button) with the relevant images, and avoid using the swf asset altogether.


              I've only seen the problem you mention once out of several times loading your page. The problem is most likely either with the swf itself, or with how it is loading external data (the image file). See this thread for working with swfs that load external files: