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    Flash Preloader and Vertical Scrolling

      I have a swf file that I load using a preloader. My swf has vertical scrolling that doesn't work when it is loaded into the preloader.
      I use invisible buttons to control the scrolling, the buttons have this script:

      on (rollOver) {
      tellTarget ("control") {
      on (rollOut, dragOut) {
      tellTarget ("control") {

      The control script for up looks like this:

      y = getProperty("_root.text.content", _y);
      if (y>0) {
      setProperty("_root.text.content", _y, -250);
      setProperty("_root.text2.rcontent", _y, 160);
      } else {
      setProperty("_root.text.content", _y, y+3);
      setProperty("_root.text2.rcontent", _y, y-3);

      It scrolls two blocks of text one main and another that reflects it works fine by it self but not when loaded from the preloader. I am new please HELP!