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    DW CS5 0 Maybe not...

    dan hop Level 1

      I would like to update my Adobe software but there is a MAJOR problem!


      I'm using a PPC Mac (No Intel Processor).


      If I upgrade to CS5 - I;d have to purchas a new computer/monitor.

      Most of my software would have to be upgraded to work on the new computer.

      I'm thinking MAJOR bucks here...


      Lets see:

      That's $900 for the Adobe software

      Another $1700 iMac Computer w/intel processor(s)

      Don't know if my printer driver or scanner driver will work with the intel processor.

           Would that mean that I have to get new printer and.or scanner?


      I don't like being dumped by Adobe - but if that's how the cookie crumbles...


      Sorry for the rant.

      Just needed to tell someone how this move impacts me...


      Dan H.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I already made the transition.  I had a Powerbook G4 which didn't support CS4.  Sooner or later if you want to keep using the latest technology you have to upgrade every so often.  Microsoft Office 2011 will be Intel-only.  A lot of Apple programs have moved to Intel only.  It's not just Adobe.