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    Air 2.0 SDK Camera and Microphone Object


      are there any additional methods or properties exposed by the Air 2.0 SDK compared to Flex4.0?  Meaning, if I create an AIR project as opposed to a Flash project in Flash Builder 4 both using AS4 and I have the AIR 2.0 SDK installed are there any additional things I can do with the mic and camera objects?


      I am trying to capture audio and video coming in via a live cable TV feed on a PCI card by utilizing the camera and microphone objects.  I'm currently using AS4 and Flash.  I have figured out how to capture the video no problem.  I have not figured out the audio.  It does not want to work through the microphone class.  I also have not been able to get the video quality up quite as high as I'd like. 


      Wondering if the AIR 2 SDK will help in my endeavours.