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    New Laptop on its way......

    Bagram Bill Level 1

      After waffling back and forth on my choice of laptop vs. desktop for my CS5 use on my assignment in Afghanistan, I decided to go with a laptop first and may add the desktop later.  I want to thank everyone for their input.


      with that said, I know there are other on here who would like to know just how well CS5 would work on a tricked out notebook. So can someone tell how to benchmark my unit's performance with CS5. the build information for the unit is below. The unit should arrive by June 9th.





      Sager NP9285 



      Nvidia Quadro FX 3800m

      Intel i7-980x

      12GB Triple Channel DDR3 at 1333

      Drive 1: 160GB Intel SATA2 SSD

      Drive 2: 500GB SATA

      Drive 3: 500GB SATA

      Drive 4: 6XX BD-R