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    No solution to TestArea wrap=off  ?


      It is late and I  have spent the whole evening searching for a solution. I am in the process of converting  a site to XHTML. Wrap="off" was an error and still is an error under XHTML. But it works in Safari or FF on Mac.


      One advice was not to worry about it. But how many browsers will it work on? (Or will I be black-listed and summoned to Geneva?)


      I have read that white-space: nowrap; overflow: auto; does not really work either. Has somebody finally figured it out yet?


      This text box is very popular for folks to submit inquiries, Some type a few sentences, others paste in several paragraphs. They prefer it to switching to email or going to another webpage. (It is not true that people prefer soft wrap because they do not like to use the Enter or Return key,)


      I am just learning XHTML on the go. Still a work in progress. The TextArea is in the sidebar at:



      I am confused and frustrated. Help would be greatly appreciated. But I doubt there is a solution.