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    Item Renderer passed to legend

      I have written an item renderer in Action script to change the shape of the columns on a column chart. How can I pass this through to the Legend?

      I tried adding:
      inside the column series tags of my mxml but this didn't work - I just got a blank screen when I tried to run the application.

      If I put
      "mx.charts.renderers.DiamondItemRenderer" this works OK - but of course, it isn't what I want.

      Do I need to put something inside my action script to tell it to pass the info to the legend?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Be sure to include the full classpath to your renderer in the reference within your MXML. For example, if the package that your renderer is in is com.example and the name of your renderer's class is MyRenderer, you would write the following: legendMarkerRenderer="com.example.MyRenderer". Keep in mind that case matters.

          If this doesn't work, there is probably something wrong with your ItemRenderer, so you should post that code and we can help you out.