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    Scrubby Zoom


      Id love to be able to zoom an image in CS5 using a scrub motion over the zoom % box.  slide right to zoom in, left to zoom out, and also keep the box for presets or typing.  a lot of times i just want to zoom to a comfortable size on a 27" screen, and depending on the dimensions of the image the presets dont get me to a good size... either too zoomed or not enough.  a quick scrub would be wonderful.

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          MTSTUNER Level 6

          You might be interested in a keyboard shortcut

          that enables you to use a scrubby slider with

          the magnification box (zoom % box).


          Hover your cursor over the magnification box.

          When the cursor turns to an I-beam, press the Ctrl (command)



          In cs5 the cursor will turn into a hand similar to the targeted adjustment



          Then just use it like a scrubby slider to zoom the image in and out.



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            retouchMOJO Level 1

            On a Mac, in CS5 with Magnifier tool in hand, or Command Option to temporarily get it, scrubbing right and left within the image area fluidly zooms in and out respectively. No need to try to target that tiny little percent window... however the percent does change as you scrub to reflect the current magnification.

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              MTSTUNER Level 6

              That's a good point.

              I guess i'm just not used to open gl enabled fuctions, yet.




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                buckeyeirfan Level 1

                I couldnt get the scrubby to work over the %%% zoom area, stayed as an I bar.  


                The Control Option didnt work either to make a quick switch to magnifier.. for me its Space+Command (plus sign)  Space+Alt/Option (minus sign)... either works to zoom in and out tho, so I guess I will just use Command+Space and scrub sideways.