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    CR 6.1 - Unable to locate lens profile automatically


      Raw files from Canon camera are correctly identified and lens distortion is corrected automatically, but on jpgs from same camera I get this error: "unable to locate lens profile automatically".Can't even do it manually as lens profile that is available for raw file is missing from drop down menu on jpgs. Also weird because it does show some lens profiles in drop downs, just not the right one. But, again, right one is there for raw files. Weird!

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          That is because lens profiles for raw and non-raw are necessarily different and separate (like color profiles). We have more raw lens files available than non-raw lens profiles (e.g., Canon 70-200 lenses). As a general rule, I would encourage you to be applying lens corrections via profiles at the raw stage in CR, rather than to JPEGs/TIFFs (given a choice between the two), because of various technical advantages in the former case.