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    Preview question, but not a RAM preview question


      So, I just re-installed AE CS4 on our new (faster) computer with 64bit windows 7. Here's the problem: when I put an adjustment layer above the footage I'm working with and apply an effect like levels or curves, etc; the change doesn't take place until after I've let go of the slider. Does this make sense? So, I have my footage layer, then an adjustment layer with levels ontop of that. Lets say I bump the highlights up, well I don't see that adjustment until I've let go of the carrot slider. How can I get AE to display this while I'm moving the effects parameters (as it did on my slower machine) ? Also, "Always preview this comp" is checked...


      Thanks so much

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          SethDeming Level 1

          Ok, I feel a little silly, but I wanted to let you guys know I figured it out thanks to the guys at videocopilot.net


          There's a 'live update' button in the layers window which some how became unchecked. I'm not sure if it had something to do with the default settings when it was re installed, but I doubt it. It's funny how the little things can cause me so much annoyance. Anyway, problem solved.