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    My top ten requested features for Flash Catalyst Next

    thx1138 Level 1

      Here is my top ten list of requested features for Flash Catalyst:


      10. Rearranging of pages / states in the pages / states panel (also resizing to smaller icons)


      9. Menu bar option to Insert Custom / Generic Component. There isn't a  way to create a custom component without first adding something to stage  and then converting that.


      8.  Edit component on double click in layers panel


      7. Replace existing artwork with library component - for example, when you create a button or text input then you should be able to use that skin in all of the text input instances rather than creating new ones every time you choose convert artwork to component


      6. Artboard sized to content - no hardcoded size of the project


      5. Import of Flex Components / movieclps



      4. Flex Capacitor library integration / support - supports deep  linking and navigation through your flash catalyst or flex project  without coding - all the work is done


      3. Integration and coexistence in native Flex project - no fxpl or zip - flat file structure


      2. Container support - VGroup HGroup Skinnable Container - set layout property


      1. Component Constraints support - top left bottom right horizontal center vertical center baseline width height 100%