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    Check if runtime is installed




      I'm doing an AIR application to put it in a usb device. When I put the device in the usb port, the application (a Flash projector) will check if is any AIR runtime installed in the local machine. If not, automatically will install it, and if it's installed will launch the main application.


      This method worked to me perfectly until Adobe AIR 2. Now I have installed the beta version on my computer and the first app, the projector, doesn't work as it would. It checks the runtime version and says that is not installed. What has changed since the 1.5.3 version? What can I do to check if any runtime is installed? Could it be 'airappinstaller' problem?


      I check the version with the code below:


      this.produktKud = new ProductManager('airappinstaller');



      trace(this.produktKud.installed); // output: false

      trace(this.produktKud.installedVersion); // output undefined


      thank you in advance and sorry for my english