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    Do RH6-generated .chm files work under Vista?

      Apologies for posting this question again just to move it up in "triage" but I'd really like to hear from some of the active responders (e.g., Grainge, Captiv8r) on this issue. To recap:

      I know RH 6 cannot be installed successfully under Vista but everything I've read (including a response on this forum from Grainge) indicates the 6.0-generated .chm (from say, XP) works...However, when viewing a RH 6.0-generated .chm (local not on server) under Vista, I receive the following error in the topic pane: "The address is not valid." Viewing the same file under XP works fine. The TOC pane resolves but is, of course, useless.

      Anyone else experiencing problems viewing RH 6.0-generated .chm files under Vista?

      Thx for any insight.