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    Sound Mixing Key frames no longer work...


      I have assembled my production which includes many video clips. I am now finally trying to mix the sound tracks.  When I started the project I found I could mix live using the mixer. This then produced sound key frames as the volume went up and down. I am no longer able to do this. When I alter the volume of a clip it changes for the whole clip and no longer produces varying sound key frames.  If I start a new project it works fine – only not on the project I’ve spent 5 days over…. Please help!!!  Many thanks in anticipation….

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you use the audio mixer to set your send levels, it creates keyframes on your audio clips, which appear as little white dots along your timeline.


          Re-adjusting this mixer will not remove these dots -- one weakness of the tool.


          You will need to zoom into your timeline and click to select and delete each of those dots individually before you will be able to re-apply new audio keyframes.


          As an alternative, you can manually add and/or adjusting the existing keyframe points as I describe in my books.

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            Nevillethann Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            I currently have no dots - only a straight light - which I can adjust.. How do I get the dots back?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Audio Mixer's Keyframes are a bit different than those applied to Clips by Keyframing the fixed Effect>Volume. The Audio Mixer is working on Track Keyframes, and NOT Clip Keyframes. This means that the Keyframes are on the Audio Track, and will affect even new Clips placed on the Timeline. Clip Keyframes are attached to the Clip, so if you replace the Clip, the new one will have no Clip Keyframes.


              As Steve points out, the Audio Mixer's Track Keyframes cannot be easily overwritten. In PrPro, one can change the Sends in Audio Mixer, to overwrite those Keyframes easily.


              In the Audio Track Header, there is a display icon, and you can choose Track Keyframes. Do not be surprised by the number of Keyframes that you see. Audio Mixer will apply a lot, based on the setting in Edit>Preferences. With Track Keyframes displayed, you can adjust, Delete, etc., those Track Keyframes. Be sure to zoom in to about the max, or all you'll see will be a zillion dots.


              Good luck, and hope that this helps,




              [Edit] Correction. In PrE 4 (at least), the Track Keyframe Display is a toggle. I was confused between PrE and PrPro, where one has more Track Keyframe Displays. Sorry about that.


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