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    Text input/output

      I have 4 text input boxes on my interface:
      1) Base Salary Field (salary)
      2) % Increase Field (increasepercent)
      3) $ Increase Field (increasedollar)
      4) New annual Salary Field (prosalary)

      The user inputs an employees current Base Salary in field 1.
      Then they can either input a % increase in the % Field or a $ amount in the $ Field.
      Which will calculate the NEW annual Salary.

      But here is my question, how can I display (I know how to calculate it) how can I display the $ value in field 3 if they input a % value? And vise-versa, how would I display the % value if they wanted to use the $ increase approach?

      I am trying this approach and not having any luck... Any suggestions??

      function calculatepercent()
      // my calculations here

      function calculatedollar()
      // my other calculations here