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    I love the new form generation stuff in FB, but some problem here

    nikos101 Level 2

      I love the new form generation stuff in FB and I've created a form from a create autogenerated service.


      When the user fills in the form I call the method I assign it to a token in a call responder



              createtbMysteryShopperResultsResult2.token = tbMysteryShopperResultsService.createtbMysteryShopperResults(tbMysteryShopperRe sults2);


      The service just a void one


      However if the users fills the form again and called the same service I get an error:


      Item with id 'tbMysteryShopperResultsRPCDataManager:#:0' already exists.  Error on destination 'tbMysteryShopperResultsRPCDataManager'


      The primary key column is auto incremented in the ms sql database so I do not understand this error?


      Any advice would be great, this problem has been bugging me for days now

      A lot of the code generated stuff I don't understand so I don't know where to look for errors

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          nishadmusthafa Level 2



          Could u give us details about your workflow. What type of data service did you import? Was it a web service? What kind of server?



          You could look into the generated source of the function and use a breakpoint to check if the error is at the client side or not.



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            stephane guyot

            Sorry for the late response, but I think I've found a workaround, I encounter exactly the same trouble in my application, very rare trouble but more often when the application runs on touch screen. I think It's like the user double-click on the button firing the action of create item twice, in my case it should not arised because i remove the button on click but ... sometimes  it seems it should :-/ By default the RemoteObject wrapps in the DataService is in multiple mode , see concurrency in RemoteObject source :

                [Inspectable(enumeration="multiple,single,last", defaultValue="multiple", category="General")]
                * Value that indicates how to handle multiple calls to the same service. The default
                * value is multiple. The following values are permitted:
                * <ul>
                * <li>multiple - Existing requests are not cancelled, and the developer is
                * responsible for ensuring the consistency of returned data by carefully
                * managing the event stream. This is the default.</li>
                * <li>single - Making only one request at a time is allowed on the method; additional requests made
                * while a request is outstanding are immediately faulted on the client and are not sent to the server.</li>
                * <li>last - Making a request causes the client to ignore a result or fault for any current outstanding request.
                * Only the result or fault for the most recent request will be dispatched on the client.
                * This may simplify event handling in the client application, but care should be taken to only use
                * this mode when results or faults for requests may be safely ignored.</li>
                * </ul>

            Then I add a test in my code and the problem seems to disappear  :


                                        if ( createPersonResult.token == null )
                                            createPersonResult.token = personService.createPerson(person);