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    PC Specs.

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      attached images of performance figures form my current PC Build.

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          more images

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            1x  Coolermaster Cosmos S with Extra Fans

            1x Coolermaster  1000w PSU  Modular

            1x intel i7-920 (OC 4.2 GHZ)

            1xNoctua  NH-14D Cpu Cooler

            1x Asus P6T 7 WS Supercomputer

            6x 2gb DDR3  OCZ GOLD (12gb)

            1x Asus GTX 480

            3x Chembro SK355 5 Bay Sata  enclosure

            1x  Pioneer BLu Ray Writer

            1x Areca 1680 ix Raid  Controller 16 port

            8x Samung f3 1tb (Raid 3)  media/projects

            1x  Samsung f3 1tb (Music/Effects)

            1x WD 150gb  10k OS/Programs

            4x  Samsung f3 1tb (Raid 3) Exports/Encore

            2x Samung  f3 1tb Raid 0  Pagefile/temp/ & General stuff.


            The raid setup is not final, still  testing whats best for performance.