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    Shopping Cart Software Question

    blakers81 Level 1

      I built a website for my mother's business.  I have the website with her products just like she wants it to look.  Now, she wants me to add the shopping cart so customers can purchase the products.  I have researched and checked into a number of shopping cart softwares, but there seems to be the same problem with everyone I check into.  All of them seem to have their program/shopping cart where you have to use their template or have an area of your site linked to their shopping cart page, which would then list your products.  I don't want this.  I already have the website built and the products listed.  All I simply want to do is have a "Buy Now/Purchase Now" type button right below the product on my mother's own website, which would then add it to a shopping cart on her own website, not go to some other link or preset template.  But, none of the shopping carts I research seem to do this.  I know you can do it though, because I see many website that do...unless they are building their websites straight from these shopping cart templates, which I understand is an option.  But, I would rather have it to where I can keep the website exactly as it looks now, with just a "Buy Now" button added right below each product which then adds the product to the shopping cart integrated into my mother's own webpage.


      Also, any recommendations?  First I was going to go with GoDaddy "Quick Shopping Cart", because I thought you had to do the shopping cart through your web host.  And they wanted $50 per month for this.  Then, I found out that you don't have to do the shopping cart through your web host; you can do it throug any shopping cart software.


      So, I've researched and come up with some names that keep popping up:







      Any recommendations?  Perhaps none of these is the best or can offer what I want?


      Thanks for any input.  I wasn't sure where to post this, but figured since people on these forums build webpages, then they might have some knowledge about shopping carts also.  Thanks.