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    how to get special characters from mysql --> flash textfield

    dsdsdsdsd Level 1



      I have:

      1) mysql database table ... collation set to 'utf8_general_ci'

      2) a field within the table that includes a special character, ž

      3) an AS2 flash movie that uses my_load_vars.sendAndLoad( "my.php" , my_load_vars , "POST" ) ;

      4) my.php ... mysql_query( "select the_column  from the_table" ) ... echo "&result=" . utf8_encode(  $row[ the_column ] ) ;



      if I run the script using my_load_vars.send( ... ) I can see in my browser that php is outputting the ž;


      however by the time I trace( my_load_vars.result ) in flash it has been converted to a square ... Š





      I have been playing with the #include 'special_characters.txt' approach but without any success;


      I have the dynamic textfields in flash embedded and the special characters included as a part of the embedding;


      any thoughts?