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    Quadro fx3800 : what about my actual quadro fx3700 ?


      Hi all,

      actually my Dell Workstation Win 7 64bits (8go ram, 2x4core, raid0+ext eSata raid0, Master CS5) is equiped with quadro fx3700.

      Myt question is if I equip it with PNY quadro fx3800 do I let the actual fx3700 in place and add the fx3800 or do I leave the 3700 to ebay... ? So what to do with my fx3700?


      thank you for your answers:)




      + to go a bit further : is there a big dirrerence putting two fx3800 together ? And then, is the fx3800 enough for treating xdcam ex (Sony pmw-ex1r) at 1920x1080 @ 35Mbps or do I need the power of the fx4800 ?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          eBay is a nice outlet for older video cards.


          Whether it is wise to upgrade to a FX3800 or 4800 remains to be seen. The Fermi range has much better specs than the outdated FX range and the successor of the current Quadro range is rumored to be announced this month. It will be based on the Fermi architecture.


          Since the 5.01 update removed the artificial track limit from the GTX series, it may well be that the Fermi cards are the best bang-for-the-buck, but you have to wait for benchmarks to appear.


          SLI is not supported, so using two video cards may not work, and if it does, it will not give you performance gains, but maybe only third monitor support. There have not been any reports to substantiate this however.