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    Flash Game Help!!


      I work as a graphic designer (mainly print and web) for a large company. I don't have any formal training with flash but I'm looking for a project to get into it with.  About 4 years ago my company out-sourced a Flash game before I was hired.


      I wondering how hard it would be to take that flash game and "update" it now. It was a very simple driving game with some limits on collisions and such. I want to take it and make it look a lot nicer and try to make it work better....


      Some Tips... advice.. links to some helpful tutorials.... or a heads up that I'm getting in way over my head would be awesome!!



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as the look nicer aspect goes, you could probably manage that once you gain some familiarity with the file and the Flash UI.  For the work better aspect, you may be climbing in over your head, especially if you have no programming background.


          Your best bet will be to make sure you retain the original and work only from copies.  THat way you can experiment without fear of losing what currently works (to whatever degree it does).