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    Captivate does not support more than one project in a course




      Our LMS administrator was evaluationg Captivate looking for issues, and she found this in the manual:


      "A course can contain more than one project. Each project is treated as a distinct SCO. However, Adobe Captivate does not support more than one project in a course."
      Having read this a half-dozen times now, I realize I have no idea what this means.
      My interpretation is:
      A course can be designed -- course here being the sum total of what is to be taught -- that contains more than one project, whcih makes sense, since a course is going to have many parts, or modules, and each module would be a Captivate project. And each project is its own SCO, and that too makes sense.
      However, Captivate does not support more than one project in a course -- this appears to contradict the first part, but I gather that each Captivate project -- the sum total of all the elements used to export out a Captivate SWF file -- is for this discussion being termed a "course" -- in short, I see a semantic issue, but not a technical one, for a course (all that is being taught) will be compose of modules (components, or SCOs) and each Captivate project (sum of all bits and pieces) will produce a SWF file that is a module, and treated as a course -- although structurally this "course" is just a "module" or component of a larger effort.
      Now, I could be WAAAYYYYYY over thinking this...but I was trying to see if this manual caution was signficant in any way, or just an exercise in mangled semantics.
      Many thanks!
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          Thinking this is a problem with terminology. Will now just be using the terminology of our college-LMS (Blackboard based). In that LMS a course can have quite a lot of modules, each of them can even have several project in it. You can have the LMS manage different modules in a course, and each module could be one CP-SCO object. Am not even always putting every CP-generated SWF as a SCO, only when it has to be scored, in other cases (teaching assets) I'm uploading as simple packages on the LMS. But CP ships with an Aggregator that could manage different modules, and ships with a Multi-SCO packager can handle different modules too. Are you referring to the Help of CP4? Then this is indeed not very clear at all, but perhaps terminology is not unique even within different LMS?