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    Index file (.hhk) not updating with compile/publish


      Sometime within the last couple of weeks, the Index file (in this case, named cghelp.hhk) in our project is not getting updated when we do our nightly compile and publish of our project. After the compile and publish, I can view the Output and verify that Index changes are there, but the next morning (the Output is stored on a Repository folder and an automated job copies the folder around 3 a.m. to the location where our users access the files that make up the project.) the changes are not visible.


      I can't think of anything that would have changed over the last couple of weeks that would prevent the hhk file from getting pushed out.


      In talking with our IT, they indicated that the nightly jobs are running without issue and that they only copy exactly what is in the Output folder (results from the compile and publish). Yesterday I checked the Output folder and saw that the hhk file was not there, so I manually copied it over from my local to see if that would help, but today no update. The hhk file is in the folder but the changes are not seen in Production.


      Non hhk file changes are appearing without issue, including topic changes. It just seems to be the Index that is having the issue.


      I have checked my settings in WebHelp (Primary Layout) and verified that when I publish, the results are going to the correct folder to get copied over. We only have one Index, so it's set to <Default.> Since we were having issues, I did change it to specifically say cghelp instead of <Default> but that has not helped at all.


      We are using RoboHelp 8 with a project that has about 3300 topics. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have a client calling me daily asking why the new content isn't in the Index.


      - Warren