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    Display a different window

    jfb00 Level 3

      Hello all,

      I have a menu with different options, each option will display a different custom view component.

      This is my code:


      <mx:VBox width="100%" height="100%" paddingLeft="0" paddingRight="0" horizontalCenter="0">
          <mx:ApplicationControlBar id="TopBar" width="100%" backgroundColor="#ffffff" fillColors="#445186">
              <mx:VBox width="100%">
                  <mx:HBox width="100%">
                      <mx:Image source="assets/images/logo.jpg" horizontalAlign="left" />
                      <mx:Label text="My Company Title" color="navy" fontSize="16" fontWeight="bold"/>
                      <mx:Spacer width="100%" />
                      <mx:Label text="My App Title" fontSize="16" fontWeight="bold"/>
                      <mx:Spacer width="100%" />
                      <mx:Image source="assets/images/my_logo_small.gif"/>
                  <mx:MenuBar labelField="@label" iconField="@icon" itemClick="itemClickHandler(event);">
                          <menuitem label="HOME" icon="myTopIcon">
                              <menuitem label="Home"/>
                          <menuitem label="REPORTS">
                              <menuitem label="Report 1" />
                              <menuitem label="Report 2" />
                              <menuitem label="Report 3" />
                          <menuitem label="ADMIN">
                              <menuitem label="Manage Pages" />
                              <menuitem label="Manage Users" />
          <custom:Home id="Home_mxml" label="Requirements" visible="false" showEffect="WipeDown" hideEffect="WipeUp"/>
          <custom:Op41_Report id="Op41_Report_mxml" label="OP 41 Report" visible="false" showEffect="WipeDown" hideEffect="WipeUp"/>



      The first custom view show in the first half and the second custom view shows from half to bottom. I want to display each custom view under controlBar all the way to bottom of the page. If I add a view stack araound the custom view list, they don't display.

      Any ideas?

      Please help and thanks in advance.