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    Special characters doesn't show in drop-down list

    Formzet - Zoetermeer Level 1

      I've created a two level drop-down menu using javascript


      var vComp1 = ["sub1","text1","text2","text3","text4"];
      var vComp2 = ["sub2","text1","text2","text3","text4"];
      var cRtn = app.popUpMenu(vComp1, vComp2);


      I't works like i wanted, but int the text, i used an & character

      var vComp1 = ["Fruit","apple & pear","orange & mandarin","peach"];


      Using the form on an Apple OSX computer it works fine.

      But with Acrobat Reader on a Windows computer the & character changes in an underscore ( _ )


      How can i fix this?