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    building a flex app suitable for all screen resolutions

    BosDog Level 1


      I've developed many flex applications but have found 1 thing very consistent with my apps. Strange things occur when I change my monitor resolution down to a lower setting. i currently use 1152 x 864 px on my development machine. i try and put all my components into hboxes that span 100% width and include a minWidth setting in pixels of 1000.


      maybe its the way i'm putting an HTML header at the top of my page? what i end up doing is changing the default html file to a CFM file and include an HTML header at the top of the page before the SWF. this results in the horizontal scrollbars on the browser being half-seen or not seen at all on some resolutions. users cannot scroll left and right on the SWF if the whole content can't fit their low res.


      also lots of times in the apps the scrollbars show even though all the components fit the screen?


      Are there any best practices regarding resolution for Flex apps? maybe i'm building them wrong.