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    AP DIV problems ...



      I wonder what I am doing wrong:

      There is what I want to do:

      I want to have a picture with some hot spots. For hot spot I use button.swf (invisible button, it has no "UP").

      When the studend find a hot spot he shold click on it and a new Ap DIV with some informations would open.


      I have the main AP DIV named "map" - ca 900x600. It has Z-index-1. When I try to put on that layer another AD DIV named "button", and insert the button.swf file, that moment AP DIV "button" dissapears and it is behind  the AP DIV "map" and I cannot touch it unless I grab the "map" and move it. In browser I  cannot find the "button", it is behind the picture, I think.

      I also tried to do as AP DIV "map" with a background of the map. Or inserting the picture map in table. Or as a background in a table, but the result is the same.

      If I use ordinary .jpeg or.gif picutres, I do not have this problem, AP DIV is where I put it.


      I could use the Hot spot tool, but I would prefer the invisible button that appears only when you find it.


      I hope I was clear enough.


      Anyone has a solution how to use invisible flash button over a picture or background? Thanks