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    Files Tab Default Folder View


      I mange close to 200 website, all of which reside on a network drive a few folders down.  I am trying to find a way to change the default starting folder for the tree structure in the FILES tab.  Currently, the tree structure starts at the root of that directory, then like 10 folders down to get to my working Customers directory.  I would like to make the Customers directory the starting point.


      I hope that that explains my issue.  If not, I hope any questions you might have will help me to explain it better.



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          Hi noisrev,


          The following steps will change your default starting folder and will not change your folder structure.  I know this works with FTP but I haven’t checked it with other access methods.

          1)     Open Dreamweaver

          2)     Site à Manage Sites…

          3)     Select your site and click Edit…

          4)     Click on the Advanced tab

          5)     Click on Remote Info in the side panel

          6)     Them in Host Directory type in the folder path to the folder that you want to be your default folder.  This should be from the default folder of your FTP account.



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            noisrev Level 1

            I don't manage any of the sites through Dreamweaver's Site Manager.  New sites get created by my network admin and are managed by him over several web servers.  I just use Dreamweaver as my editor but want to simplify my file browsing so that I dont have to scroll left to right in my file browser as much.  Is there another way to accomplish the default folder?

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              qazsd Level 1

              Sorry about not replying sooner but I was busy working on some of my projects.  If I understand you correctly you are ether using Windows Explorer or Finder to upload your files.  Following, are the general steps.

              1.       Logon to your website control panel.

              2.       Then change your FTP account’s default start folder.

              I’m sorry that I can’t explain it better.