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    Is there any new BlazeDS ?

    William Marchetto Level 1

      Hi everybody.


      I ported an application based on Flex client and BlazeDS on the server side, passing from a Flex 3 client to an enhanced Flex 4 client (I used Flash Builder 4 instead of Flex Builder 3).

      I haven't done any upgrade at the server side, because my remote objects aren't changed.


      But there's a doubt that bothers me: is there any BlazeDS new version ?


      A year ago, I used BlazeDS by means of blazeds-turnkey-

      Is there any new version ?


      Now I'm in a hurry and have to make my mind soon, that's why I'm asking about new BlazeDS versions instead of carefully reading the doc (I do hope I'll have more time in the following months).