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    Air for Android Extremely Slow...


      Hey everybody,


      Hopefully some of you have been trying the prerelease of Air for Android like myself. Its all great and easy peasy to export the apps to my phone but it seems to be ridiculously slow even for seemingly simple scripts.


      This is what i'm trying to run at the moment and the app times out before it gets running (All the apps do get running eventually but only after the time out timer could have run over multiple times).

      import flash.display.Shape; 
      import flash.events.Event; 
      import flash.sensors.Accelerometer; 
      import flash.events.AccelerometerEvent; 
      var vx:Number = 0; 
      var vy:Number = 0; 
      var s:Shape = new Shape; 
      s.x = stage.stageWidth/2; 
      s.y = stage.stageHeight/2; 
      with (s.graphics) 
      var accel:Accelerometer = new Accelerometer(); 
      addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onFrameLoop); 
      accel.addEventListener(AccelerometerEvent.UPDATE, onAccelEvent); 
      function onAccelEvent (evt:AccelerometerEvent):void 
          vx += evt.accelerationX; 
          vy += evt.accelerationY; 
      function onFrameLoop (evt:Event):void 
          s.x = Math.round(s.x + vx); 
          s.y = Math.round(s.y + vy); 


      From what I can see theres nothing actually wrong with the code from what I can see but it just takes so frickin' long to load. If I make an app with some equally simple animations it loads almost instantly. I am aware that this is only a prerelease version of the software and the documentation does say that hardware acceleration has not been added yet but whenever I watch the videos up on youtube of the Adobe team making amazing apps with obviously buckets of script running smoothly on their phone I get annoyed


      P.S The processor on my phone isn't the problem either (Nexus One Eclair )