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    Illustrator CS4 Not Responding

    Drumwright Level 1

      I am on a PC Windows Vista 64bit.  First Indesign gave me problems not it is Illustrators turn.


      Recently illustrator CS4 has started to freeze.  The "when" changes day to day and not every day.  Sometimes it freezes after starting it up before even opening a file.  Sometimes only when opening an existing file, then when creating a new file.  Somedays it will open and let you make changes but then freezes when trying to save.  I give it a few minutes just in case it is being slow but it never unfreezes.  Yesterday it worked perfectly after the updates.  Today it is back to freezing again when I try to open/create a file.  It can't be a corrupt file if it freezes on creating a new file.  This is affecting my job.  If I can't open, change, or create new files, I'm stuck.  Please let me know what information you need to get a clearer picture of the problem.  I am a graphic artist not an IT person, but my boss expects me to figure out how to fix it.  Any suggestions would be great but hopefully not too complicated.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Read this, especially the parts of how to keep your drives in shape and removing garbage. In short: Your system is bunked with obsolete temporary stuff and it leads to systemic issues when your apps need to request more temporary disk space. Time for a health inspection...



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            Drumwright Level 1

            I checked in my documents/temp folder and it was empty except for one thing (unless I am looking in the wrong place?).  I have recently updated my windows vista and performed a defrag on it.  There is 515 GB of free space on my hard-drive.  I clicked the link you provided and it showed what to do before you install, not after you've had the programs for almost a year.  Sorry, I am not sure where to look on the site.