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    Executing a calculation from a summed total


      I am working on an order form in Adobe Pro 9 and have an area for t-shirt orders.  I am directing the user to fill-in the qty desired first and have set the total order qty field to sum the total from the five field choices. This appears to be working correctly.


      I have then set the financial total fields to calculate the total due with the following code:


      var a = this.getField("Festival TShirt Qty"); 
      event.value = (1*a.value)*(15);


      The trouble that I am running into is that while the qty ordered total is correct, the financial calculation will not recognize the last number entered until the user moves on to a new item and physically enters a number.  Buttons, tabbing, or saving do not generate the final total.


      Is there some code that I can enter to execute this function without the user having to enter any additional information?

      I am a designer and not well versed in coding.