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    Moving site to new server

    Paevo Kelley Level 2

      I know if you move a site to a new URL you need to establish a 301 redirect. Do you have to do the same if you

      move to a new server, but keep the same domain name? How can this be done seemlessly?

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          Richard_vav Level 3



          If you are moving your website and domain name to a new web host they will reconfigure your domain names settings so all requests are sent to the sites new location, this will mean that your website will probably be unavailable during the switchover for a short time while those new settings propagate around the net.  Usually you will only have to change one or two things in your old hosts control panel, if it is a .com address you will need to unlock the domain and request the EPP code which you give the new host.  And if you can find a really good host they may even tranfer the website and any databases you may have and reconfigure them if needed.



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            Paevo Kelley Level 2

            Thanks, Richard.