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    Smooth text/vector while working in AECS4 (Mac)?

    theboyk Level 1

      When I'm working in AECS3 (Mac) and I use the built-in text tool, my text is always jagged/lowres in the composition (I'm viewing @ 100%, full quality). When I render out, the text is nice and smooth, but in the application, it's awful (and makes it very difficult trying to align things, etc.).


      The same thing happens when I'm working with vector graphics (either EPS or AI from Illustrator CS4 on the Mac) — vector images are pixelated, much like the text. And again, when I render out, it's nice and smooth but terrible in the application.


      Is there any way to view these assets "nice" in AE? I feel like it's 10 years ago (or a week ago <G>) and working with vector in Quark! <G>


      For both text and vector graphics I have the "continually rasterize" option turned on.