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    Trouble with PPC files when modifying content


      I am trying to updates some of our online modules and I am encountering multiple problems.  I successfully downloaded the ppt and ppc files but then disaster strikes.  Any help with any of the following questions would be greatly appreciated.


      1.  I downloaded the files and after I save the ppc file to the appropriate file there is 1 ppc file and 1 ppt file in the folder.  After I load the recordings there are 2 ppc files that appear with the same name.  One file is larger then the other and only one of them works to load the recordings.  If I change the name of one of them the other name changes.  Not sure why this is but I guess I didn't know if I need to know why as long as it was working.

      2.  After successfully updating the one module last week I went back to a few days later and the audio isn't there any more and when I try to "rel-load" the recording neither of the two files work.  I tried to download the ppc file again and that one still wouldn't load.  Not sure why this is but it is quite frustrating.

      3.  I went on to another module that I had updated and the recordings were there but the attachments couldn't be found even though I had just attached them. 

      4. Moving on to a 3rd module which for some reason is the only one that loaded the ppc files automatically because when I opened it for the first time the audio files were there and didn't have to "load the recordings."  This of course is the only one with one ppc file because the second one seems to be generated by the request to load the recordings.  I decided I should try to publish this one to see what happens and I received an error message that said MSXML 4 is not installed.

      5. Not sure what MSXML 4 is but I went to my programs and it is installed.  I googled it to see if there was maybe a service pack update and there was but it was for september 09 and mine was listed as november 09 so I should have the current version.  I did a windows update and I had 2 optional updates, which I proceeded with, but neither were related to this.

      6.  I then decided to double check the ppt version I was using because I think I remember others saying something about saving the ppt. in the older version but it already is in the older version. 


      Please help as I have over 20 modules I need to update for a system wide training! Thanks.