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    Assitance with Script


      Here’s my situation:


      We are presently printing our photographs for court using PowerPoint using the Handout page with two images per page.  The problem is the images are small and the Noritsu printer is capable of printing PowerPoint presentations using its printer drivers, but this is not an ideal situation.  As we can save our PowerPoint presentation in a JPEG file I want to utilize Photoshop with the application of an action to do batch processing of the files.


      To date, I have been unsuccessful in writing and action which will take two different photographs and place them onto a single 8x10 page in a specific orientation. All images are the same file size and format coming from a single file folder.  There may be anywhere from 20 to 200 or more images in sequential order which need to be placed two to a page ( photo 1 on top of 8x10 page, photo 2 on bottom of 8x10 page and so on).   I have been successful in getting two images on a page in the correct orientation however; I can not get the sequencing to work, which means Photoshop doesn’t understand that images 1 & 2 go on page 1, images 3 & 4 go on page 2 and so on until the end.  It is now my understanding from another forum that the only way Photoshop may detect which two files to process is to have a script written to work along with the rest of the action.  At this point I am totally clueless on whether this will work let alone on how to write a script.  


      I’m working with CS4 Extended on Windows XP and upgrading to CS5 Extended soon.


      Can anyone offer suggestions or a script (with basic directions) to help me out here?