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    Thoghts on CS5, ACR

    Hudechrome Level 2

      Ok ,maybe it's over the top, but after getting comfortable with the current combination and reworking several images already finished I was transfixed!


      I am reminded of a similar experience taking a piano work  from a well voiced and regulated upright to a 9' Steinway. Things happened on the Steinway that didn't on the upright, as good as the upright is. Same here. Just opening  tiff in ACR and running the adjustment brush through it's paces is almost transcendent! I didn't know I could do that!


      It's a tribute to software writers who didn't forget their roots while enabling us to do more, to do better.


      Thank you all, Chris, Eric and the rest of the team.



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Like you I'm generally impressed with the improvements in Photoshop CS5 and Camera Raw 6.1.


          Somehow it feels like a lot of things that *I* need have been improved, as compared to say CS4.


          A lot of little things - which frankly should have been made right in CS4 - are now better.  Dragging windows to the app results in them opening in a window (if you've set it to do so), opposed to always opening in a tab.  There's now a 0.01 degree increment capability in the transform tool.  The lens profile corrections in Camera Raw seem good, though I think I may have to profile my very own lens copies to get the perfection I like (e.g., for CA).  My strategy of opening conversions at a higher-than-native resolution seems to work as well as or better than ever...


          I'm working on a giant astroimage mosaic tonight.  From what I've seen so far CS5 doesn't choke on big image data as much as its predecessor (even on a 64 bit system).


          It's hard not to like CS5.