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    problem with color palette

    sarah louise water Level 1

      Could anyone please help.

      My movie is stuck on gray scale, I have tried changing the property in movie settings. The problem affects my highlight behaviour that uses lingo to display the correct color, the color always comes out gray as soon as I apply the behaviour. I have been fiddling for hours now and cannot get it to change.

      Any comments are greatly apreciated.

      Many Thanks
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          Level 7
          What #type of sprite/member are you changing colour for, and do you have
          sprite.color set to anything other than the default?
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            sarah louise water Level 1
            the highlight behavior takes a hollow shape - circle or square from tool panel.
            It is not supposed to matter what color it is as the parameters for the behaviour asks to choose a color - already set in the code. The color highlight works in conjunction with a hot spot behaviour, ( puts a circle around an object that is clicked). The behaviour works fine in other movies. But it must be something to do with the movie as when I go into movie-properties, the movie color is always set to gray scale - even though i have set it to system win.

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              James Newton, ACP Level 3
              It sounds as if you might have an entry in the palette channel. You may not have put it there yourself: when you add an 8-bit bitmap to the Stage, Director obligingly adds an entry to the palette channel to make sure that your bitmap appears correctly.

              To display the palette channel, open the Score window and click on the icon at the top right-hand corner of the window. This toggles between showing one channel (the script channel) above the frame number bar... to showing six channels, of which the palette channel is the second.

              Check if there are entries in the palette channel, and delete them if there are any. The palette channel was important back in the days when Director started and video cards could often not show more than 256 colors. Today, it's hard to find a video card that you can set to 8-bit color, so the palette channel is probably obsolete.