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    how to use Belgian eid to sign (AR 9.3.2; Kubuntu 10.04 amd64)





      I'm on Kubuntu 10.04 amd64 with AR 9.3.2 installed from the ubuntu repos.

      I have a working installation for my Belgian electronic id card (i.e., I have the gui installed and working and can do tax-on-web via Firefox).


      I received a pdf form with a signature field that accepts a digital signature. Clicking it, I get a dialog asking me which digital signature I wish to install. I select "A device connected to this computer" (as far as I know, that is what my smartcard in the smartcard reader is), but then I get the message that "Acrobat could not find any new digital IDs. [...]" even though the beid middleware has read the smartcard successfully.


      Is there something else I should be doing?