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    uploading flash, how much is too large?

    Koaladot Level 1


      Hi, I am trying to create a web site suing adobe Dreamweaver and flash, for the first time.


      I am trying to upload a webpage that contains swf.


      When I check mu site I could only see a blank page with the webpage title at the top of the page.


      When I contacted the webhosting company they say they can see the message that a newer version of adobe flash player is required.


      From my computer I cannot even see the message.


      The helpdesk person said there are possibly two reasons for it. Either there is a problem with the code in flash or it is too large.


      The size of files I uploaded as follows:

      HTML: 4KB

      Scripts: 37 KB

      (The size of swf is 29KB which I did not upload)


      Are they too large to upload? If so, what is the maximum size of file can I upload on a webpage?


      I know they are basic questions but I am trying to create website on my own.


      I would appreciate some friendly advice.