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    RH8.0.2 Crashes when Saving Topics


      When I make a change to a topic, and then save it, RH crashes. When I reopen the project, the change has been saved. If I change several topics, only the first topic is saved before the crash, the other changes are lost. This happens on a consistent basis.


      Is this happening to anyone else, and is there a solution?


      Out of about 10 projects, this occurs in two of them. I cannot identify any differences between the projects with this bug and those without. I looked at the CPDs, the baggage files, any broken links, etc...


      I have both RH patches installed. I am working from my local hard drive (though I intend to move the projects to RoboSource Control soon). RH always rebuilds the CPDs upon project open. I have Windows 7 Professional, with all current updates/patches.