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    Using DW 'Preload Images' to Load .swf's


      Dear all


      I wonder if using the DW 'Preload Images' behaviour would work for preloading swf's and not just 'images'.


      I am trying to get some swf's to load into the browser cache when the user is viewing an HTML page. I am using DW preload image behavior, 'Browsing'  to locate the swf's and switching to 'all files' get them to show, which I am then adding to the preload list.


      The intention is just to get some swf's which are on the HTML page into the cache so they play a bit quicker. The swf's aren't immediately visible (they appear when a user 'clicks to view') and I don't really want to use a preloader in the movies themselves.


      Would the DW Preload Images work in this way or would it cause problems?


      Thanks in advance.