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    New to CS5 -- Playback stops after just 15 frames

    conleec Level 1

      Hello Everybody,


      I'm new to the forums. I did some rudimentary searching, and didn't really find anything similar, so here goes...


      I've installed CS5 on my MacPro (Nehalem) 8-core machine. I've got 6gigs of RAM, and a nVidia GTX285.


      When I try to play ANYTHING in the source side or from the timeline in PP, it only plays for 15 frames and quits, then the playback head jumps back to where it started from. Please tell me I have the software in some kind of 'mode' or something? I'm ready to pull my hair out here.


      I've tried video only, and audio only. Same thing.


      I've also tried turning the MPE on and off. Same thing.






      PS: I also have Avid MC and FCS installed on the same machine. Do you suppose there's a conflict someplace?