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    RTMP and RTMFP

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      I want to know if it is possible for example to start a chat session between 2 people with FMS RTMP, and after a few seconds, try to connect the 2 peers via RTMFP Stratus.  If the p2p connection fails, RTMP is the host.  Without interuption in the chat session of the 2 peers, everything would happen in the background.



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          Yes you can do that.


          As both net connection will be different i.e. rtmp and rtmfp to stratus. So

          in first case when you are already talking on rtmp and you create another

          net connection object for rtmfp even if it fails it wont impact rtmp

          connection already created and being used for chatting.



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            I got one message about my last reply it seems there was a bit of confusion regarding how it was phrased, so i thought i shall try to answer it once more with a bit detailed explaination:


            What i meant in above reply was suppose you are connecting to stratus using NetConnection object on rtmfp for example nc1 and at the same time you can make another NetConnection object connecting to FMS i.e. on rtmp e.g. nc2.

            So you will have 2 nc objects existing at the same time without effecting each other. You can simultaneously connect/talk to users using these different nc objects.


            The point to remember here is that nc1 can't be used with user of nc2 ie. rtmfp can't be used with user connected on rtmp. So suppose your one user has failed to connect to stratus i.e. rtmfp. Other person opposite to him has to be on rtmp connection to talk to this user on rtmp.