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    FABridge -> Error: You are trying to call recursively into the Flash Player [...]

    mynormalnamesarenotavail Level 1

      I'm using FABridge to communicate between JS (and GWT) and a flex component I've written, but I've run into a strange error:


      You are trying to call recursively into the Flash Player which is not allowed. In most cases the JavaScript setTimeout function, can be used as a workaround.


      I know what the error means, but what I don't understand is why I'm only receiving this error when I run the application locally ( in this one webapp.


      Once I upload the app to the remote testing server, the error goes away and the app functions as it should.  I've tried to use setTimeout without any luck.


      I thought this might be a crossdomain problem so I set Security.allowDomain("*") in flex and the same on the testing server via a crossdomain.xml file but this did nothing.


      The function that is being called takes a parameter (image or an image wrapped in swf file) via the querystring and adds it to the stage.  The files all exist on the remote server.


      Another strange part is that when I run the flex app via Flash Builder it behaves fine. Also, I've run the component as part of a separate project locally without issue.


      The problem only exists when I run the component as part of the this project, when I'm working on it locally.  I even have another local app using the same component that works fine.


      I'm at a loss.  Any ideas?