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    Ilya Persky

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      Hi guys!

      I wanna share a thing I coded recently: it is a ListCollectionMap class,  that
      adds "map" functionality to ListCollectionView "sort" and "filter". A  lot of
      times I felt I was missing something like this, especially when using  Mate
      framework where everything is controlled by flows of binding events.

      ListCollectionMap can do one-to-one and one-to-many mappings and can be  used in
      data binding chains along with ListCollectionView.

      The quick example is:

      public var dataIntegers:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([1, 2,  3]);

      public var mapIntegers:ListCollectionMap = new
      ListCollectionMap(incrementMapping, dataIntegers);

      public function incrementMapping(i:int):int
      return i + 1

      Detailed explanation and examples are in my blog: