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    CS5 - .mp4 - avc1 - 720x480 - .9091 - 29.97 frame rate - 24000Hz?

    Jim Hines Level 1

      Hey - I have a i7 950 @ 3.07 with 12 gigs of ram on windows 7 64bit


      My brother was here and shot some stuff and I dragged it to my computer - I don't remember what camera he had - but - the files are not playing nice on the timeline - can't scrub without it locking things up - even at less than full playback - I'm only asking because I'm hoping this is something I'm doing - I don't see the perfect project preset - but I thought the drag to the icon to make a perfect sequence would solve any issues - this is not crucial client footage - but - I would like to be prepared in the event that I get something similiar - I converted them to avi just to do it and that works - but - It would be nice to just work with this acvc stuff native - it plays fine in VLC or the other media players - the sample on the audio is odd - no?- anyway - anybody have a clue what I might be doing wrong - or -is this par for the course with my setup and this format? This has been the only hickup thus far for me with CS5.


      TIA - of course points will be awarded.