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    Background image display problem in IE6


      I'm having another problem with my CSS. This one involves some background images not displaying properly in IE6. My navbar is an unordered list, and I'm using an image replacement technique to swap out the text for background images that serve as the buttons. The height of each button is 12 pixels, and the rollover is created by offsetting the image -12 pixels to reveal the bottom half of the image. So far so good. The images appear in all browsers, but IE6 displays more than 12 pixels of the image, revealing part of the rollover below it.


      Here's the page in question: http://www.colbydesign.com/redesign/index.html


      Here's a screen shot from BrowserLab of how the page looks in IE6: http://www.colbydesign.com/redesign/images/ie6_screenshot.jpg


      The <ul> height and image height are set to 12 pixels. I can't figure out why IE6 has a problem with the CSS. Maybe there's an IE6 hack I can use? Any help would be appreciated.